Dixie Hollins High School Class of 1978
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Dixie Hollins High School Class of 1978 - Class Trivia from 1975

1. Who was the only freshman on the dive team?
A - Leslie Rossmeisl
B - Teri Richards
C - Cindy Albers
D - Becky Klatt

2. How many cheerleaders were on the freshman squad?
A - Four
B - Five
C - Six
D - Seven

3. What football team did we compete against at Homecoming?
A - Seminole Warhawks
B - Gibbs Gladiators
C - St. Petersburg Green Devils
D - Tarpon Springs Spongers

4. Who was the head football coach that year?
A - Rob Townsend
B - Charles Manning
C - Paul Wallace
D - John Rector

5. Which teacher was head of the Marching Band?
A - Robert Drumm
B - John Johnson
C - Terry McDowell
D - David Hankey

6. How many freshman girls were selected for the Homecoming Court?
A - One
B - Two
C - Three
D - Four

7. Who was the President of the freshman class?
A - Brian Calkins
B - Julie Dunham
C - Mike Merada
D - Cindy Redding

8. Who was the freshman class sponsor?
A - Brenda Schuman
B - Lynda Young
C - Mary McClelland
D - Deana Munson

9. How many years had Mr. Hallam been principal at Dixie prior to our freshman year?
A - Three
B - Two
C - One
D - None

10. Who was the only freshman on the Golf team?
A - Paul Coe
B - Grant Doutt
C - Jim Gerber
D - Ken Young

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