Dixie Hollins High School Class of 1978
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Dixie Hollins High School Class of 1978 - Guestbook

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Tim Wedin - 05-22-2018
Have missed all the previous reunions. Looking through these pictures and getting out my yearbook brings back a lot of good memories. I plan on making the Friday night at the 40th. By the way that's me third from the right in the 5th grade group picture in the 'look at us now' photo. I'm doing great looking forward to catching up with everyone.  
Rich Saxton - 05-15-2018
RIP Ken Young 5-7-2018

We had a chance to see Ken before he passed. Pizza and wings (and beer) and stuff.
It was great to see him one last time and he will be missed.

Our IHOP saying '87 Seaborg'.

And for those of us who did NOT live in Kenneth City but had a lot of parties in that area! - Hey Dale!

Kenneth City PD probably still has our 97 beers they took from us from one of graduation parties (10 or 9th grade) ...:-)

Sharon Carry - 05-13-2018
Hi Dear Friends,

Can you put me down for two, We are  planning to attend the reunion in Sept.
But, I do not see a sign up tab on website.
It will be great to see you all after 40 years!

Sharon Moran Carry
Susan Fahr Bailey - 04-20-2018
Hope to see everyone this time, love the question at the bottom, we did go to DIXIE, can i put middle..
Donald Lowe, Jr. - 03-26-2018
Gosh seems like yesterday, and also so very long ago, Does anyone remember our showing of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'  'The Sting' or 'American Graffiti' in 16mm only $ 1.00 admission in the Auditorium ?
I was the projectionist..........Today I am a Motion Picture Film Collector and Film Preservationist both in 16mm and in 35mm, I have a large back yard screen..... over a hundred films.......contact me for fun/free showing anytime......... I live in Crystal River, Fl. (about 90 miles north of St. Pete)  
Darlene Harter Milton - 09-04-2017
78 was great but 79 is fine!  Lol
If anyone on your committee is interested, I have several photos of the class of 78 from being on the yearbook staff.   If anyone wants them just email me with an address and I will mail them.  Have a great reunion!  Darlene
Grant Doutt - 08-05-2017
If you happen to be here reading the guest book and you have not been getting any emails please update your contact information.  Go to the contact classmates page.  We will use this email database to contact our classmates about our upcoming 40th year reunion.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall of 2018.
Dale Kwilecki - 07-31-2017
Hello to all,
Would like to do a shout out to all the people who lived in Kenneth City back in the Day !  
Robert (Bobby) Seaborn - 07-27-2017
I'm looking forward to attending as always!   Sharon - it will be good to see you again after all these years.   Good times ahead!
Sharon Moran Carry - 07-26-2017
Hello All,

Can we consider doing a Harbor/Bay cruise for our 40th?  
It will be 40 years since I've seen any of you.  This time I am not letting
anything get in my way!

Sharon Moran

Kenny Houston - 07-23-2017
I am retired I made it
Denise Evans Gary - 06-28-2017
Anybody live in Ohio?
Rich Saxton - 06-27-2017
Thanks for putting this together, it's nice to scroll through the memories.

We needed some pics from our graduation parties, like when Jim Relieved himself on Some poor guys head 😁
greg andrews - 04-13-2016
Wow!! I must be getting senile. I don't remember most of this. Funny how I only remember the ladies from the yearbook. Guess that says where my mind was at. I guess that's what I get for being a horn dog recluse. Pick up a brush. Splash some Paint. Have a been and bend some strings. I lost my frisbee. I think it's still on the roof of the gym.  HHHHMMMMM... Oh well on tho future while I'm still breathing. Pinup girls forever.
Fred Reio - 04-08-2016
I've missed every reunion, but would love to be a part of the 40th if it happens.

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